The History Of The Australian Governments Policies From 1788 To Today.

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The History of the Australian Governments policies from 1788 till today.

Before British settlers settled in 1788 at Botany Bay, there were native inhibitors (indigenous Australians or Aborigines pronounced in society today). The British Government developed policies after the landing of Captain James Cook on Australia's "Terra Firma". Some of these policies were devastating to the indigenous Australians. When the British settles discovered Australia in 1788, they had discovered an undeveloped land and natives. This was the beginning of indigenous Australians social and economical injustices.

Furthermore, the British policy of Terra Nullius which stated "If the land is undeveloped or no signs of civilization, thus the land is British soil under the authority of Queen Elizabeth". Although the British settlers knew of the indigenous Australians existence, they came to the assumption of this; the native inhibitor way of living and lifestyle on the land of Australia is far too primitive and uncivilized.

Therefore it is just cause to cease the land and make use of it for the natives where not cultivating the land. Thus, the land was British soil in 1788.

Although when British colonization occurred the policy of Dispersal and Despossion was introduced as one of the laws of the land. This meant the annihilation of native Australians by literally sending the British army around searching for "Abos" (as the British called them) and executing them by use of the flu from the British. This is because Aborigines have never experienced flu, thus without proper medical assistance native Australians were most likely to die. All this and other gruesome and inhuman acts from the British to the indigenous Australians in that era is what shows the social and economical injustices that Aborigines experienced back in the 1700's. Native Australians where denied existence.

In contrast, in the 1800's the...