The history of chad

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The history of Chad

Chad has known human habitation since time immemorial. The oldest humanoid skull yet found in Chad is more than one million years old. Sao people lived along the Chari River for thousands of years. Relatively weak chiefdoms were overtaken by he powerful chiefs of what was to become the Kanem-Bornu. These two kingdoms and the kingdom of Ouaddai controlled a good part of what is now Chad. In 1905 the administrative responsibility for Chad were placed under a governor general stationed at Brazzaville in what is now Congo. But Chad joined the French colonies to form the Federation of French Equatorial Africa in 1910; it became a colony in 1920. The French occupied the northern region of Chad in 1914.

In September 1984, the French and the Libyan Governments announced an agreement for the mutual withdrawal of their forces from Chad. In October 1988, Chad resumed diplomatic relations with Libya.

In November 1990, he invaded; on December 2 1990, his forces entered N'djamena without a battle, President Habre and forces that were loyal to him had fled. After 3 months of provisional government, a notional charter was approved by the Patriotic Salvation Movement on February 28, 1991, with Deby as President.

November 1979, the National Union Transition Government was created with a mandate to govern for 18 months. Goukouni Oueddei was a northerner and was named as the President: Col, Kamoughue, a southerner, Vice President: and Habre, Minister of Defense.

They achieved Independence on August 11th 1960. A strong executive branch headed by President Deby dominates the Chadian political system. Following his military overthrow of Habre in December 1990, Deby won presidential elections in 1996 and 2001. The constitutional basis for the government is the 1996 Constitution, under which the president is limited to two terms...