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INTRODUCTION There are many aspects contributing to the history of criminal law: the concept of law, the origin of law, and finally the development of law. Each point is equally important and influential to the maturation of criminal law.

CONCEPT OF LAW The concept of law is to protect those who are innocent and to prosecute those who are guilty. Law is the infrastructure of our economic, social, and political lives. It gives order to our existence and makes us equal. Without law, we as a nation would collapse and become a very volatile society.

Every crime falls under a pertinent conviction or penalty. When laws and statutes are made and passed, morals have to be taken into account. Thus, there is a definite correlation between law and morality. If laws were simply made without taking into consideration proper rationales they would not have any connotation.

ORIGIN OF LAW The background of law goes back further than the days of the British North America Act and the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms. It is depicted that in Ancient Times there were three major influences of western civilization: Biblical Israel, classical Athens, and republican Rome. Each endured their own culture and ways of life; thus, imposing a diverse effect on our society. There is also a notion that, for 200,000 years, archaic humans had been living in hunting and gathering small-scale societies.

Israel's Holy Bible renders a rich ancestry of history, theology, and philosophy which has had a recurring influence over modern man. Israel changed from a nomadic order, which was based on rounding up sheep and goats, to an organized agrarian society.

Their criminal justice system and civilization came from the premise that the descendants of Abraham held the title of the chosen people of Yahweh. This religious...