History of the English Language.

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English Language

Perhaps one of the best histories in time, English has evolved from various stupid dialects to a universal language in a range of 1500 years. It is perhaps the best language in the world. It was influence by other languages such as Greek and Latin. Words like angel, disciple and devil come from Latin and Greek. This languages influence English through Christianity and Arts. It can be divided into three categories: old English, Middle English and modern English. English language also come from various languages such as Romantic, French, Italian, Keltic and Arabic. Religion also influed in the origins of English.

English has many different difficulties, and these vary from pronunciation to spelling, including grammar. For many people that learn English it is perhaps quite difficult to pronounce certain consonants such as (r) and (s). English is not a phonetic language. Many grammar and Spanish rules are very hard to follow besides many people forget them because they are very complex.

Another aspect came when the England empires started to import goods such as Tomatoes, Oranges and many more products from their explorations. They named them with different names from different places. As you know it is difficult in all aspects like languages, sports for an adult to learn it well.

English also has many advantages that help the English speakers break through the world challenges. More than a billion people speak English so that is why it is important to speak English at some point. For example most of the important business of the world is controlled by the US or many other countires that speak English as the first or second language so as you know if you are a business man it is better to know how to speak English. Almost all this countries are...