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For a short period of time, technology allowed for the North and South to be dependent on each other. But, as technology advanced, the Northern industries arose and diversified, becoming less reliant on the South. This progression of technology ceased south of the Mason Dixon line, causing the South to remain dependent on the North. Although basic technology coalesced the nation, as technology advanced, the Northern relationship with the South was strained, all the while the south remained reliant on the north.

As The north was developing the start of their textile industry with the textile mills introduced by Samuel Sltaer . The invention of the cotton gin in the south simulatenously alleviated the tedious task of removing seeds from long grain cotton, allowing for salves to cultivate more cotton, providing more of this southern cash crop to the North East and Europe (England). Without the steady supply of cotton, derived from the cotton gin, Slater's textile mills would be ineffective in the north and the northern textile industry would have remained stagnant at first.

The northern dependence on cotton solidified the relationship between the north and the south.

But, soon With the implementation of the Lowell Factory Sytem, providing a more structured and productive work enviorment, the northern manufacturing industry was diversifying. Not only was it producing textiles, but shoes and weaponry aswell. Now, the textile industry, fueled by cotton, was not the sole financial producer in the north. Leather and wheat from the north west, used by North eastern factories (shoes) and distilleries (wheat) were forging a strong bond between North Easterners and Northwesterners. Railways and telegraphs built in the 1830s were far more numerous in the North, and only diminished the northern relationship with the south. With the help of rails, goods produced in the north could...