History of European Involvement in South Africa

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The Afrikaans language originates from the Dutch when they immigrated to South Africa, bringing along their own culture and beliefs. The Dutch took the black Africans as well as other Khoi San locals as their slaves and taught them the language of the Dutch and in return incorporated some of their cultural and language into their lifestyles. Over long periods of time several hundred years as new visitors arrived from all over the world their language also became incorporated into the now Afrikaanerdom culture.

In 1652 the Dutch occupied the Cape of Good Hope on the Southern Tip of Africa so that the Dutch had a midway point from the Far East to England to utilize as a refreshment station. The British also periodically annexed the Cape at different times when it was thought politically correct and economically advantageous. The colony grew quickly as Dutch farmers and also later the eighteen twenty British settlers were settled to grow produce.

Slowly more European contact moved into Southern Africa bringing along their cultures and ways of life, as well as their way of speaking. The discovery of diamonds in Kimberley north of the Cape in the 1860s brought tens of thousands of people from all over the world to the area around the modern city of Kimberley. In 1871, Britain annexed the diamond fields. Between 1815 and 1930 over fifty million people left Europe to find a better future. They went to the 'empty lands' of the Americas and Australasian continents.


The man is very much the head of the home and the wife defers to him in all matters. Generally a God fearing proud nation, tough with a reputation for fighting to the death for what they believe to be right (Anglo-Boer War 1899 -1901) In...