History Exam Question: How did Canada grow up during the 20th century?

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The most multi-cultural, peaceful, respected, independent and accomplished country in the world. Canada's long and hard struggle of survival, from starting off with nothing, to building itself bit by bit, Canada has deserved all of the recognition it receives today. The story behind what makes us proud to be Canadian, the hardships and accomplishments, of the best country in the world, Canada. During the 20th century Canada developed to what it is today. We fought as a country for independence, peace, and co-operation. As a country we succeeded, against all odds, we fought our way through the long and hard struggle and we've evolved into the most complex and diverse nation today. Canada is the country you want to be apart of.

During the long hard road of growing up, we as a country experienced many hardships. One was the French and English relations. A lot of the time, the French felt that they were being treated poorly, and not considered equal as an English speaking people.

In the 1970's, we experienced one of the best Canadian Prime Ministers to ever be in Canada to this date, Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Trudeau was a French Canadian man, he believed in both languages, was a strong federalist, and believed that everyone should be considered equal. He was a very youthful Prime Minister, and the Canadian people could relate better to him. Pierre brought the people values of the 1960s but realism of the 1970s. Trudeau argued for a "just society", he also spearheaded the reform of laws on divorce, abortion, homosexuality, and birth control. More importantly, Trudeau passed the Official Languages Act, which made Canada an official bilingual country, with both French and English as its official languages. This was a huge step towards the multi-culturalim Canada has today, you were...