The History Of The FJ Holden and Damien Parer

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The FJ Holden was the second model of an “all Australian car” manufactured by Holden. The four dour sedan and the coupe utility were announced in 1953 and two months later the two door panel van was announced. The FJ Holden was the car the confirmed Holden’s position as the countries most popular car. The FJ proved to be such a success by the end of 1953 production was raised to 200 units per day. At the time of introduction the FJ Holden retailed for ₤1023. The FJ was also the first car produced by Holden to be exported to New Zealand, which was the start of and export trade that continues today. In 1955 the FJ went under a mild interior facelift in which there was a variation in paint and trim options. The last FJ Holden to be produced was in 1956; however the legacy still lives on with over 20 FJ Holden Car Clubs across Australia and, in 2007, Holden releasing the Efijy, a concept car that payed tribute to the FJ.

Damien Parer was the first Australian to win an Oscar for the documentary “Kakoda Front Line”. Born in 1912 in Melbourne, Parer developed his love for photography at a very young age, and several years later he won a prize in a photographic competition run by the Melbourne newspaper, “The Argus”. With the prize money he bought his very first camera. Later Parer gained an apprenticeship and in 1935 he moved to Sydney to find work. By the end of World War 2 Parer was experienced in photography and motion pictures. He was appointed to the official photographer of the Australian Imperial Force and his first war footage was taken on the HMAS Sydney. Over the following years Parer travelled around the world filming front line battles, scenes from aircraft and on the decks of ships; however he filmed some of his most famous work in Salamaua, New Guinea. These scenes went into his film “Kakoda Front Line” which won him an Oscar. Damien Parer was killed in 1944 by Japanese gunfire while filming in Palau.

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