The History of Football

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IntroductionFootball is an amazing sport. It is one of the best known sports in the entire United States. There is an amazing history of football and how it came to be how it is today. The sport is really entertaining and fun as well. It is plain entertaining just to watch the sport.

Football somewhat started around the 19th century, when a boy playing soccer got mad because he didn't want to use his feet to kick the ball. The boy picked up the ball and started running. This was the spark that started football. Even though this was not allowed because it was against the rules, lots of people found it enjoyable and started joining in. They called this new game rugby, which was the very next step towards football.

Rugby became a huge success during the 1800's. Lots of people enjoyed this more than soccer. They also came up with a new ball for rugby.

This new ball was not round it had an egg shape to it.

Over the next few years they made a new sport called football, which was pretty much rugby with a different name. That is, it was for a while. A man by the name of Walter Camp changed the rules came up with all the downs and stuff like that. Also football became a big sport! Unlike Rugby that was played in collages football became a big national sport. Football had changed from rugby to a professional sport. At the year 1920, there were about 10 big professional teams across the United States.

As football got bigger there were many different leagues. Most of them were unsuccessful and had to stop. The 2 main leagues were the NFL (National Football League) and the AFL (American Football League). These 2...