What History Has Taught Me

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History is a fundamental aspect in our lives. It isn't just about died people and age old events, it is what enable us to advance and achieve more and more thing that are thought impossible in the past. History is what makes us learn for our past mistakes. It has a direct impact to our present day lives. History also provides us with wonderful and great examples of man for us to admire and copy.

When I was seven years of age, I was one wild horse needed taming. My grandparents could not control me at all. (I lived with them for ten years.) If they grounded me and locked all the doors, I would leap out through the window onto the balcony below and freedom. If they also locked the windows, I would climb through the ventilation system. I acted on impulse most of time and without thinking about the consequences.

For instance, I never considered the fact I can hurt myself by jumping through the window or got stuck in the ventilation tunnels. It was plain lucky that I those tragedies did not befall upon me, but you can't get lucky all the time. I was the ring leader of my group of friends then and we always play in frozen lake outside our homes during winter. It was midwinter and the lake was entirely frozen solid except for the few ice fishing spots and my young group pf hooligans decides to play soccer with ice blocks. Our little game unwittingly brought us the edge of the one of the ice fishing spots that was barely frozen overnight. Suddenly I had the sudden impulse to step on the ice and test its thickness. As my heavy foot stepped on the thin ice, the ice cracked and two of...