History of Heavy Metal

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When it was born? We can't say exactly. The first flash was "Kinks" with "You really got me" and "Who" with "My generation" in 1964. The first metallic executor was Alice Cooper. His group was found in 1965 and was called "The Spiders". In 1966 the world of rock was taken with "Summer of love". "Cream" and "Jimmy Hendrix Experience" were first group, who supplied metal on commercial base.

The line of new groups, for example, "Fognat", "Bad Company", "Budgie" and legendary-"UFO"-were new interests in heavy metal music. To 1973 the kings of heavy metal were "Led Zeppelin" , " Deep purple" and "Black Sabbath". The most exciting concerts were "Led Zeppelins" group. They called "rock till you drop". They lasted for 2 hours. And the most great were Alice Coopers shows, they were famous of its original decorations.

First few years heavy metal music was the best genre.

Guitarist Tommy Iommy and other members of "Black Sabbath - Ozzy Osbourne, Bill Ward, Greezer Butler-shows on their albums "Paranoid" and "Master of Reality" gloom and bitterness.

On their influence were born "Corrosion of confirnity", "Metallica" and "Nirvana".

"Deep purple" lay their foundations with their album "Deep Purple in rock".

At the end of 1970s heavy metal was not as progressive, as it was before. But some groups were prospered, such as "AC/DC" and "Rush".

The basic instruments in heavy metal are: bass-guitar, electro-guitar, keyboard instruments and, of course, vocal, with back-vocals.

Let us see the styles of metal in growth from heavy to hard. The line is: hard-rock, hard & heavy, alternative, heavy metal, power metal, black metal, doom metal and death metal. Heavy metal is somewhere in the middle.

Heavy metal was famous in 80s. The expression "heavy metal" first was in novel of...