The History of Jazz

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When you think of Jazz immediately think of New Orleans which is the birth place of Jazz. Jazz was a cultural mix of whites of English and French descent, African Americans, immigrants from the Caribbean and Europe, plus many citizens of mixed race. New Orleans was also known for Mardi Gras, which was an occasion to listen to Jazz as well. New Orleans was a place where tourists and locals always had a good time. Segregation of schools in 1892 had a huge impact on Jazz. In New Orleans there was a lot of prostitution and there was this man named Sidney Story who wanted to restrict prostitution in a small section of the city since it was everywhere. He made this idea into a law and the part of the city where prostitution became legal was known as Storyville as luck would have it. Jazz flourished in Storyville so most musicians worked there.

Problems unfortunately occurred and Storyville had to close down. Many musicians lost their job and some even had to move out of town to get jobs.

There was also the New Orleans Jazz band which has consists of two parts which are the front line and the rhythm section. In the 1920s Jazz spread all over the country, with musicians who were great like King Oliver and Jelly Roll Morton who recorded with white and black folks it was inevitable for Jazz to spread. Jazz was energetic, cheerful, and natural. The great ting about Jazz was that it was appreciated by both white and black audiences who took it for what it was, music for the spirit.

The Modern Era came shortly after and it was a time when everyone wanted to be optimistic since there was so much going around like the Great Depression...