History Of Julius Caesar

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History of Julius Caesar I. History of Pompey and Caesar A. Caesar and Pompey were originally friends after Pompey married Caesar's daughter.

B. Caesar and Pompey brought order to the weak government of Rome.

C. Created the 1st Triumvirate consisting of Pompey, Caesar, and Crassus.

1. Allowed each member to support each other in achieving their own political goals.

2.The power they had allowed the three allied senators to get laws passed better than they did individually.

D. Caesar trusted Pompey enough to control Rome while he went to fight in the Galactic Wars.

II. Galactic Wars A. Caesar's decision to fight in the Galactic Wars was based on him wanting more power and money.

B. Fought in the Galactic Wars for eight years.

1.Took control of Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and France.

2.Money Caesar received from land he conquered he sent back to Rome.

C. While in Galactic War Pompey became jealous Of Caesar.

E. Pompey persuaded the Senate to order Caesar to give up his command an return to Rome as a private citizen.

III. Defeat of Pompey A. Caesar became outraged after hearing the announcement by Pompey that he had to return to Rome.

1. Caesar's popularity and power upset Pompey since Caesar wasn't with him controlling Rome.

2.Caesar tried everything to keep peace between Pompey and himself, which even consisted of Caesar offering to divorce his wife and marry Pompey's daughter.

B. Pompey refused and Caesar marched his army on Rome.

C. In 49B.C. Caesar defeated Pompey and pursued him to Egypt.

D. Pompey was murdered before Caesar could extract anymore revenge against him.

IV. Growth of Caesar's Popularity A. Senate appointed Caesar dictator for 10 years.

1. Made Caesar much more powerful than the consul.

2. For the next decade Caesar served...