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Subject: History Date: 15/5/06

Topic: Susan Rees: A Pit Girl

No. of pupils: 10

Duration: 50 minutes Age: 6/7

Learning Outcomes

- Diary style writing

- sequence a story in History

- listen carefully to a story

- learn aspects of a book (author, illustrator)

National Curriculum References

1.1 - sequence events

1.2 - use common phrases relating to passing of time ....days of the week

2.1 - pupils should be taught about the past through stories from different periods and cultures

Common Requirements

Curriculum Cymreig - Susan Rees lived in Merthyr

Creative skills - drawing pictures of the past

Personal and Social Education - learning about attitudes and values and knowledge of the past.

Introduction (25minutes)

Ask about

Author, illustrator, what they do

Ask about title, the letters on the title

Ask pupils to describe the cover

"How does it feel?"

"Does the girl look happy?"

"What can you see in the picture?"

Read the book showing pictures

Ask for opinions on each page

Activity (25minutes)

Write a weeks diary of a life of Susan Rees down the mines and illustrate it.


2 separate worksheets of different ability for each level.


Choose a day in Susan's week and draw a picture of her day with a sentence underneath to describe it.


Look for:-

- correct sequence of events

- understanding of the story in detail

- relating to welsh cultures

- spelling punctuation and grammar

Evidence - worksheet of Susan's Diary