History of mankind.

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Being resourceful, productive, and useful was a primary aspect of the Paleolithic homo-sapiens, (or thinking humans). Being one of the most intelligent and inventive species, homo-sapiens led a life style that would sooner or later pave the way for humans to produce a more contemporary style of the tools that were originally produced by the Paleolithic. More or less homo-sapiens were the core reason as to why humans presently, have such unique tools.

The "Blade Technique," was one of the basic and first tool making approaches that humans used to develop tools from tools. What they would do is use stones and beat them against each other until it would become a sharp knife-looking object. This form of tool making made the production of other tools accessible. Some of the tools that were produced by the "Blade Technique" were called the Bola, Sling, Spear thrower, and the Bow and Arrow.

These tools were very essential to homo-sapiens because they not only took the time finding the right material possessions for these kinds of tools, but they used these tools to provide for their families but primarily to survive.

Not only did the Paleolithic species make tools from rocks and sticks, but when they would use those tools, (Spear thrower, Bow and arrow, or the sling), they would then use the animals that they killed, and would then use these animals for all sorts of reasons. Depending on what kind of animal it would be, they would use the meat of the animal for food, the fur or coat of the animal for clothing or blankets, and then use the teeth or horns of the animal as weapons or forms of art.

Primitive humans are very knowledgeful concerning nature. They had to be, for their very existence depended on it.