The history of Microsoft and Bill Gates

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Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world. It distributes products worldwide and is the number one software company in the world. Microsoft would never have existed if it weren't for Bill Gates.

Bill Gates was born on october28, 1955. He was born into a family that was successful in business and was living a pretty comfortable life in Seattle. In primary school Gates quickly shot to the head of most classes especially math's and science. Due to his excellence in his studies his parents enrolled him in lakeside prep school where he made fiends with Paul Allen. Here he was also first introduced to computers.

Computer at the time were large and very expensive and the school couldn't afford one. Consequently the school struck agreements with some large computer companies that they would let their students use their computers. Gates, Allen and a few other boys took up computing.

In fact they began to skip class in order to use the computers. Sometimes they would break in at night just to spent time on the computers. Gates and the other boys spent so much time on the computers they learnt how to hack into the system. They started deleting valuable files purposely and were eventually banned from the computers.

A few weeks later to Gates surprise, him and his friend Paul Allen were hired by the computer company, that was permitting the school use their computers, to find and fix bugs and prevent the computers from crashing. The computer company was a bit worried hiring two teenagers to fix their computers but their worries were quickly dissolved when Gates and Allen found a list of bugs that stretched over 300 pages long. Due to his success Gates was hired by his school to create a program...