The history of music.

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The History of Music

Music goes back to the beginning of time. There is evidence that dates back to 500B.C. The ancient Greeks and Romans both used music for high class entertainment. Noble would have slaves play music for them while they dined and also when guest were over.

Around 500 A.D., western civilization began to emerge from the period known as "The Dark Ages," the time when the world was made up of a bunch of tribes with no real organization. This time period was known as the middle ages For the next ten centuries, the Christian Church became dominant over Europe, generally dictating music, art and literature. During this time, Pope Gregory I is generally believed to have created music known as Gregorian chant. This became the first known organized sound which was nothing more than psalms from the bible being chanted for teaching and learning purposes.

After the middle ages the renaissance started.

This period was between 1400 to 1600A.D. and was a time of rebirth in learning, sciences, and arts. It is called rebirth because the ancient scriptures or ancient Rome and Greece were brought back and used. It was also when the printing press was discovered which was one of the most important inventions ever created. Through out the renaissance instrumentals music was widespread for dancing and entertainment, this thrived throughout Europe. Many composers began to pop up also including Michael Praetorius and Tielman Susato. Both are not well know but are basically the first know composers of time.

Next became the baroque age that got its name from its architectural style. This period was from 1600 to 1750 and was the root to all classical music. The composers began to rebel against the rules of music that was created by the nobles and the...