History of the Ninja

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The origin of the ninja is hard to trace because there were not many records kept. It is based on spies and assassins that have existed throughout Japanese history. A lot of what we know about the ninja is taken from stories that have been passed down through generations. Nonuse, or the art of stealth, first came to Japan around 522 A.D. as a religion. In 645 A.D. the priests of Japan were being hassled by the government so they perfected their fighting skills and put it together with their knowledge of nonuse for protection. Nonuse is the art of stealth. From 794-1192 A.D. a new civilization came about. These families fought each other to make and destroy emperors. Families needed spies, informants and assassins to gain power over each other. Families did not trust each other; this meant they needed to get rid of anyone who might be a threat.

The practice of nonuse was used and the ninja was born.

Women were also an important part of the ninja clans in the past. Known as Kunoichi, the female ninja could easily get very close to their enemy. Using mind manipulation as weapons, the Kunoichi could get close enough to poison the victim without leaving a trace. An example is a woman crying, then her enemy coming to see what is wrong and she has just got him trapped. Kunoichi were trained to use lots of different weapons, but since they would be in different situations, they used smaller close range weapons like blinding powders, poisons, daggers, rope. The fan and other small items were often used at close range and were easy to carry without being noticed.

The ninja uniform was called a Shinobi Shozoko. There were a few different colors used, depending on what was they were...