History Notes on the British Conquest of New France.

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British Conquest of New France (P. 3-8)

"ÍWar Over North America

"ÃWhy did they want N.A.

"XRich resource

ĩCod-fishing (Newfoundland & Acadia)

ĩFur Trade (St. Lawrence River)

"ÃBritish vs. French

"XBritish has large numbers of colonists

"XFrench had few colonists

"ÃOhio River Valley War

"XMid-1700, resource-rich Ohio River Valley south of Great Lakes


"X1749, France claimed Valley

ĩForts were constructed to block British

"X1754, Fighting in Ohio Valley started

"X1756, 7 yrs war start

"Ã7 Yrs War

"XFrench Strategy

ĩDecisive Victory in Europe

"XBritish Strategy

ĩAll-out offensive against French in North America

"X1757, British controlled Ohio Valley

"X1758, French fortress at Louisbourg Fell

ĩNaval blockade & prolonged siege

"ÃPlains of Abraham

"X1759, 2 month siege, Quebec Falls

"XBritish General James Wolfe defeats French General Louis-Joseph Montcalm

"XSeptember 1760, French at Montreal surrendered

"ÃEnd of 7 yrs

"X1763, Treaty of Paris ends War

"XNew France becomes British Empire

"ÍQuebec Act

"ÃAbout New France

"XNot self-supporting

"XDidn't attract lots of settlers

"XCost more than it returned

"X1750, Several hundred settlers & Natives (65,000 European origin)

"XThought of themselves as les Canadiens (ppl of Canada)

ĩRC, language, laws and customs

"ÃProclamation of 1763

"XCreated Quebec Colony

ĩMilitary rule replaced by civilian gov.

"XReceive English laws & elected assembly

ĩHoped it would draw English settlers

"XProtection for Canadien way of life (traditional laws & RC) (Vague)

"ÃGovernor James Murray

"XDidn't introduce elected assembly

ĩBritish Colonists wanted 2 elect reps., make own laws, shape culture of colony

"XGive power to small group of British residents

"ÃQuebec Act of 1774

"XReasons for the Act

ĩ1767, Sir Guy Carleton (1766-1770) feared American colonies revolting

*Needed loyal subjects in Quebec

ĩ1770, tried to persuade British gov. to keep Quebec way of life

*They would never to be assimilated

*French laws, customs, language were guaranteed

ĩSeigneurs were...