History of Photography in the United States

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I Introduction

The development of photography began at a sluggish rate, taking over a century to make any sort of notable advancement. However, after the invention of the daguerreotype, expansion began to proceed at a highly rapid pace. Photography was the origin of film, as well as motion picture. Which of course were the basis for television and the media, of which we adhere to today. As photography became a more common technology and took part in mass industry an increasing number of people were becoming skeptical of the invention . Today, there are a vast number of people who are still skeptical of the invention and question whether it has resulted positively. The photograph has been an extremely valued invention, by allowing social advancement for minorities, allowing for a more valued news press, and giving artists the chance to steer away from portrait-painting and develop such movements as Impressionism.

In general, life as we know it today would not be remotely close to what it is had photography not been invented, and we are able to see this since photography was first generated.

By the invention of photography, minorities, primarily women, were given an equal opportunity to excel in a hobby. Through out the eighteen hundreds, women were beginning to be more and more aware of the need for equality. Co-ed universities and schooling outside of the home were becoming more prevalent through out the United States, and women's activist groups were popping up with an intense velocity. The desire for equality had an equal or greater swiftness in itself, and women all across America were ready and willing to fight for it. Photography was a hobby that was easily done in the home, and although many women's pieces were not given proper recognition until years later the knowledge...