The History of Punk Rock.

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With the idea of punk rockers now a day you think of tall spiked hair, leather accessories with metal spikes and those little converse shoes; but where did it all originate from? Where did the whole punk rock scene start and when did it change from the youth's political view and standing point on music's mass commercialism to a fashion and music trend that is now socially acceptable? Taking a step back into the 1970's is a good starting point.

In the early to mid Seventies, punk rock music had blown up in Britain and on the east coast of the United States. With the most popular bands back then, and few still today, the Sex Pistols, The Clash, New York Dolls, and Velvet Underground had been amongst the few bands to start out this modification of rock music style. Many alike would agree that punk rock started out as a movement with the musical change from classic rock as its expression and outlet.

The music produced out of the era was explained as "short, frenetic songs, aggressive, sometimes confrontational stage presence, and [conveyed] angry messages."

The image of a punk rocker in the 1970's can be thanked to the style of the once most recognizable punk band of its time, the Sex Pistols. Think tattered clothing, safety pins, spiked hair and you have the Pistols. Their vew of British class system, anarchy, and the working class made them into instant celebrities. An example of their musical mayhem would be found in their song "God Save The Queen" lines 5 through 8, "God save the Queen/She aint no human being/There is no future/In England's dreaming." Their harshness and crude remarks towards other musicians brought them fame and publicity. Thanks to the sensation of the Sex Pistols, punk...