History of relations between people with different cultures

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Page 6When Cultures Meet Case studies in the history of relations between peoples of different cultures


Page 1…………..... Introduction & Background on travellers

Page 2……………. Background on travellers & Travellers & the settled community

Page 3……………..Travellers & the settled community

Page 4……………..Managing and reframing this inter-cultural conflict

Page 5…………… Recommendations on how to improve relations between

both cultures & Conclusion

Page 6……………..References


The purpose of this essay is to discuss the history of relations and conflict between the Irish traveller community and those of the settled community in Ireland which is referred to as an intercultural conflict.

To do this, the essay will firstly define what a traveller is and briefly discusses their culture by exploring some of their traditions, beliefs and norms. After this, the essay will proceed to look at past conflicts that have frequently occurred between the travelling community and settled people. Following on, the advancements between then and now in terms of how those of the travelling community are viewed, shall be discussed.

In addition to this, the essay will discuss the corrective actions that need to be taken in order to reduce the stigma and improve the relations between the two communities. Finishing of a brief conclusion will be give to close the essay up.

Background on Travellers

Travellers are referred to as nomadic, meaning they do not tend to settle in one place as they tend to move from place to place over the years they have been called tinkers which descended from the Irish wording tinceir meaning tin smith in Irish as travellers in the past were tradesmen and Pavees is another name that the travelling community has acquired throughout time Sluka, J. (2011 p.202). According to the Irish census CSO (2011) there are 29,573 Irish travellers within Ireland over the...