History of salt

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It has been around since the beginning if time. Many people rely on it so much they forget about how valuable it is. Long time ago, it was important just like gas is today. Some people can't live without it and others need to cut back on using it so much. It is a like necessity to living; if we do not have we will die. Most people think of it as just a spice or seasoning. People take it lightly because literally it is light. Some people barely even notice it, unless there is too much of it. It is so important that it is not just for humans, animals and plants need it too. It is use so much that we have probably over used it, considering how old it is. It is one of the most basic molecules on earth. In chemical terms, it is sodium and chloride mixed together.

What am I talking about? I am talking about salt. Salt is so much more than what many people think it is. Salt was used long before history. Before history was recorded it was used for the basics, like seasoning and preserving food. Salt is the most effective and the most widely utilized of all food preservatives. Throughout history many types of people used it for many different reasons. When people think about salt, they think about food. There is more to salt than just food. According to manufacturers there are 14,000 commercial applications for salt. People like the Greeks, Roman, Chinese, British, and many others had different ways of making salt useful. Salt played major role to Americans as well. Today, many people take salt for granted. They don't think about where salt came from, who was first to use it or who was the first...