A history of Science Fiction

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What made science fiction so popular throughout history? It was, unlike most literature, concerned with reality because unlike most literature it talked about new technologies and ideas for new technologies. Science fiction literature mentioned everything from genetic engineering to nuclear physics to cosmology. The radio, television, and newspapers did not focus much attention on science at all. The early science fiction writings surely inspired some of the greatest scientists of the late twentieth century.

Two things that the author can remember about the day that he read his very first science fiction magazine. It was the cold winter of nineteen thirty to nineteen thirty-two. The author was shoveling snow and made a little extra money and wanted something to spend it on. He had came in contact with a science fiction novel earlier and was very interested in it and wanted to get more because he could not get a sufficient amount of the stories that his brain screamed for.

He enjoyed reading about such things as Martians, time machines, and cities of the future where everybody had a job and plenty to eat and everyone was always content.

Science fiction helped make the great depression more great than depressing. The science fiction literature helped him escape the troubles of his day. He could flip open the pages of a pulp science fiction magazine and leave all the problems of his daily life behind. He could abscond from his hometown Brooklyn and travel to such lands as Mars or the land of the dinosaurs.

Nowadays, science fiction is apart of everyone's life. A big reason is that it is not fiction any more. A large amount of the ideas of early science fiction writings are now reality. Along with that, there were not many science fiction novels being produced. Except...