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Kathryn Galbraith

U.S. History II

Franklin Delano Roosevelt's personality and the success of his New deal programs changed the view Americans had towards their leader and the overall role of government. FDR marked the first time that a president seemed to really focused on what the "average" American wanted, and then set goals and devise a plan in order to help improve the life of the average citizen. For example, the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933, provided for the reopening of the banks as soon as examiners had found them to be financially securer. This was extremely successful and within three days, 5,000 banks had been reopened. It also gave the power to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and all deposits were insured up to five thousand dollars, which in turn will help prevent another "Great Depression". FDR related to the masses in radio announcements, often known as his notorious fireside chats.

His political speeches were also a success, he evaluated the "typical" problems American citizens were facing and devised methods to prevent these problems from becoming a constant reality. "People frequently gave him personal credit for saving their homes, for old-age pensions, for emergency relief" (Xerox article) FDR gained the confidence of the majority and successfully continued that confidence throughout his stay in the White House.

The philosophy behind each New Deal program had an overall theme. This theme was to successfully prevent another "Depression", restore belief into the government system, and to recuperate and replenish the American economy. In many American's eyes this is exactly what the New Deal Programs accomplished.

After the successful presidency of FDR, presidents after Roosevelt had to formulate policies appropriate for a mass, consumer industrial society. Truman attempted the "Fair Deal", Eisenhower created the "New Federalism", with help from Nixon and...