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Chapter 1 The causes of the war: Austria blamed Serbia for the death of Franz Ferdinand, and sent it an ultimatum. Then Austria declared war on Serbia and start shooting at Belgrado. Then the Russian wanted to help Serbia and was sure their army was ready. Germany warned Russia not to help Serbia. Then Germany declared war on Russia. The French started to fight any Germany invasion, and Germany declared war at France too. They also invaded Belgium. England told Germany to leave Belgium. The Germans didn't agree so England declared war on Germany, and Austria declared war on Russia.

The Alliances 1914- The countries in Europe were divided up into two groups. Triple Entente (Britain, France and Russia) and Triple Alliance (Germany Austria-Hungary and Italy).

Triple Alliance: • Germany: Was first divided in small states. Prussian leader won a war against France and united Germany. Germany Kaiser wants to have overseas colonies.

Germany built a large navy, worlds second. They had a big and strong army.

• Austria-Hungary: Made of people with different ethnic groups. Each group had his own language and wanted independency form A-H. They wrere scared for Serbia, because Serbs were strong. And Russia supported the Serbs.

• Italy: It was formed of small states too, and had in the first place get his government working probably. It also wanted to set up colonies overseas. They weren't trust fully by the others.

Triple Entente: • Britain: In the nineteenth century Britain isolated theirselfs. They only wanted overseas colonies. For most of the Time Britain was scared for France and Russis, but that changed, because France and Britain reached an agreement over colonies. Russia was defeated by Japan. But they were still scared for Germany, because they made clear they wanted a big empire.

• France: They were scared for Germany because they were already defeated once. They built up strong industries and armies. And their relation with Russia was very good. They wanted to get their rich colonies, which were in German Hands.

• Russia: It was the largest. But is was also the poorest and only had agriculture, although they were helped by France with money to develop industries. They were scared for Germany too. They helped Serbia because they had had trouble with A-H before. They started to built up big armies.

Plans for War • Germany: They had not the biggest but the best trained army. The problem was that they would have to fight against both France and Russia at one time. They came up with the Schlieffen Plan. They would first quickly attack and defeat France then they would turn to Russia because Russia would be so slow to get their troops ready.

• Austria-Hungary: They needed the help of Germany to held back Russia. They also went on the Schlieffen Plan.

• Russia: It was badly equipped, but they had lots of soldiers. They could when they had time put millions of people in was.They wanted to get the Germans and The Austrians by having much more soldiers.

• France: It had a large and well equipped army, and they had to attack following Plan 17, They would attack and go deep into germany.

• Britain: They had a small group of 150,000 people wich were very well trained and equipped. They could go to France and help them there in a very short time. there plans were for a short war with a fast victory.

Germany wanted to help Morocco (a French colony). The Germans also sent a gunship to morocco and France and Britain were scared Germany wanted to set up a navybase. They forced German to back of.

The Balkans It was very unstable there, because of different nationalities were mixed. The Turkish people had ruled the area, but it changed. The new Turkish rulers did not agree which each other. Russia and Austria both wanted to rule the Balkans.

The crisis began when Austria took over Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Russia didn't like it but didn't complain because they were scared for war. When the Austrians claimed that the Serbs killed Franz Ferdinand and they set up an ultimatum the Serbs got angry and asked help by Russia.

Chapter 2 The Schlieffen Plan: At first it looked like they would succeed, they had invaded Belgium. The Belgians weren't strong enough to keep the ell trained Germans out. Then the Britton's helped France, they landed in France and they did slow down the Germans but not too much. When this happened, the French attacked Germany directly, this didn't work out and they were defeated, they lost 200,000 men in 12 days. They had to get back and defend Paris from the Germans. However for the Germans things didn't work out that good, they needed lots of man, and the Russians were quicker than the Germans thought. Because they ran out of time the Germans attacked Paris directly instead of circling around it. They failed, because the French and the Britton's together were strong enough. This battle was the turning point; The Schlieffen plan had failed, so Germany was caught in a two-front war. The Germans couldn't get through the enemy lines, until a new commander Falkenhayn, thought of going round the lines. The Germans went toward the sea but the French went there too, to block them. At the Battle of Ypres in Belgium both Britain and Germany had very big losses, and no one could break through the enemy lines.

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