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The thought of television has been around since the 1800's. In early 1879 cartoonist and drew pictures of people watching sports and wars in a wall screen. Many people contributed to this invention. Paul Nipkow and John Logie Baird helped create the first televisions. They invented a spinning disk that transmitted still pictures, which looked like blurred shadows. A man from Idaho named Philo T. Farnsworth and Vladimir Zworykin invented the eye of the television camera, and the television screen. They are known as the modern fathers of television and are mostly responsible for the invention (Calabrano, 3-4).

The first televisions were only black and white pictures. The picture consists of pixels. The pixels can tell how dark or how light one tiny part of the image is. The first cameras inside television created blurred pictures without any detail. Inside each television is an electron beam. The beam moves from the top left corner and moves to the right.

Then it moves back again and down to the next line. The first cameras could only read 13 lines. By 1941 the television cameras could read 525 lines. This provided the television with a much clearer picture (Riehecky19-20).

Colored television wasn't available to the public until 1953, even though this was a concept that was in the works since before televisions were available. In order to have color there had to be three tubes inside the television to provide the right combination of red, green and blue. In a color television camera there are a set of mirrors. The mirrors allow the colors to reflect and pass through one another to form the combinations. Then sound is added and the picture is broadcast(Riehecky,20-21)

In the early 1920's and 1930's there were only a few television programs. The early television sets were...