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Women And The War

There was sexism in America since before the Revolution in America. Only men were in charge of society. Women always had to be the fridge of the society. But this kind of culture in which women are segregated from men was common at this era. Women were uneducated, have no rights, and noting special than raise their child. During the American Revolution, their status has been changed. As men marched off to war, women across the colonies assumed the management of farms and business. If women won't take their farm and business, it would be hard for the men to make a decision to join the army for the Revolution. Because, even though, if they won the war, their economy would be broke down. So the role of the women were important for the American Revolution. They have done great job in housekeeping for the America.

Not only keep the business and farm, thousands of women volunteered to support the war effort by working as seamstresses, nurses, even spies. They supports the soldiers in the battlefields, such as bringing water, food, and supplies to the front lines under withering cannon and musket fire and nursing the wounded and dying. Also, several hundred women dressed themselves as a men and enlisted. The support of women was a big help for the American soldiers. It also affected a lot to the American Revolution as well.

Some women participated even more directly and indirectly in Patriot politics. They helped the American Revolution to be meaningful in many ways. They motivate others. For examples, John Adams participates with President Thomas Jefferson to write Declarations of Independence. And his wife who is Abigail Adams advised John in many ways. She was an educated person and believes women's rights. Actually,