The History of the Vesuvious Volcano.

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Vesuvius. Even though it may be classified as an active stratovolcano off the coast of the Naples Bay in Italy, it has proven itself more like a dragon throughout its history. A dragon only takes gold, jewels, and the occasional princess, but this volcano took 2 cities (Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 A.D.), the lives of over 10,000 people, and for three years (1883-5) the 80 square kilometer area surrounding it.

Also, like the phoenix, which rises from the ashes, Vesuvius rose from the ashes of the Somma volcano that collapsed 17,000 years ago. It is considered a highly dangerous volcano. It is also considered a complex volcano. A complex volcano is classified as an extensive assemblage of temporally, spatially, and genetically related major and minor volcanic centers with their associated lava flow's and pyroclastic flows. The oldest found rock from the volcano is about 300,000 years old. It has proven itself a hazard for both the natural and man made environments of Italy.

As it can clearly be seen, Vesuvious is an extremely dangerous volcano. Throughout its entire life, all it has done is kill and destroy. Thankfully, people were able to dig up some things before their dam broke and flooded everything. The irony of it all, covered in molten rock and then flooded. It is so sad.