History of vocational education

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Describe the historical trends that led to the development of your focus area of adult education during the last century. If the focus area of adult education is a relatively recent development, such as online education, describe the trends that prompted the development of this sort of education's predecessors

My focus area is career and technical education. The purpose of career and technical education is to help my students with relevance to the real world. I help my students explore their interests and career paths in the process of progressing through school.

Apprenticeships were the main avenue to most occupations during colonial times. The average apprentice began as an adolescent and continued until the age of eighteen for females and twenty-one for males. The system was run by contractual agreement stipulating the responsibilities of the participants. Without high professional standards or the ability to regulate, the quality of skill and instruction attained by the apprentice were dependent upon the master.

Beginning with Booker T. Washington and the Tuskegee Institute. Vocational education was brought into the forefront for black Americans.