The history of writing

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The development of writing has been very important for thousands of years. Writing was first developed by the Sumerians. They called it cuneiform. This system has changed greatly over the centuries, from cuneiform, hieroglyphics, and many more. Now we use the modern alphabet. Without this our civilizations as people, an education system, and church may not have thrived.

We should not take the written language for granted, without it our past history would have been lost. We would have never know of the Holy Bible, the Holocaust, or be able to learn of our own genealogy. The Declaration of Independence would have never have been created. The whole way of learning would change. You couldn't just write something important down, you would have to remember it. I couldn't even do this assignment there would be no internet or computers. We would have never created money, our number system, or the voting process.

Our stories would be forgotten, later generations would never know of Edgar Allen Poe or William Shakespeare.

Needless to say, without writing our world would be completely different so be thankful we are able to utilize this valuable asset.