Hit the Road

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Ellise Fallon 11/28/07

Period 1

Hit the Road

Dear Diary, September 28, 1932

Today I got a letter from my cousin telling me about some possible work on some ranches in Salinas. I think I'm going to check it out; my family really needs the money. So, right now I'm packing up my bindle to leave tomorrow. My mom is pretty upset about me leaving, but I convinced her that it's what I need to do. So far, I've gathered up a blanket for if it gets cold, some extra pairs of clothes, some soap, a bottle of water, some paper and stamps to send letters, and some bread and carrots to eat on the trip. I think that I will be taking the train if I have enough money, I have two dollars saved. I'm kind of afraid to leave, but I need to be brave. I've never really left my family before, and I'm worried about leaving them behind.

I hope everyone will be alright when I am gone. I also hope that I will see my cousin at the train station. He said in his letter that he might be able to meet me, but he wasn't sure. I hope there are some other people who can help get me started if I can't find my cousin. He said there were some other younger people there too, so maybe I'll meet some of them. I hope everyone will be nice to me. I hope that the work won't be too hard. I wonder what I'll even be doing. Since it's a ranch, maybe I'll be taking care of animals, or planting or picking crops. That doesn't seem too hard though, I think I can do those things. I'm bringing, as I mentioned before, paper and stamps...