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The Hitch-Hiker

a. The description of the quality of his new car makes it clear that the owner is rich. Firstly, it is a BMW.

Secondly words like 'electrically operated windows', 'genuine leather seats', '129 mph' tell us that it is an

expensive car.

b. It seemed like the driver himself had hitchhiked at one point of his life. So he felt empathy to other


c. The driver describes the hitchhiker as looking like a rat. His face was small, with grey teeth and his eyes

looked dark, quick, and clever. His ears were slightly pointed at the top. Even his clothes added to his 'rat'

look as he wore a grey jacket with a cap on his head.

d. The driver recalls his past, where he would get annoyed when drivers he took lifts from asked him too

many questions regarding his own life. So he understood how it must be the same for the hitchhiker and

decided to stop asking him questions.

e. The hitchhiker reasoned that judging by his ability to afford such an expensive car, the writer must be

good at what he does for a living.

f. By taking advantage of the driver's pride in his new car. By telling the writer his car can't go that fast,

he actually is encouraging the driver to drive fast.

g. We get to learn later how the hitchhiker is a pickpocket. So it isn't something that one would normally

like share with everyone.

h. The hitchhiker seemed like a witness in the scenario. This is why the police decided to interview him


i. The finger smith first impresses the writer with the speed of his fingers. He rolled a cigarette in five

seconds, then as if from nowhere made a lighter appear and disappear...