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World War II began on September 1, 1939, but the groundwork for that war had begun years earlier. Tensions had been building between countries ever since the First World War ended in 1919. From the Versailles treaty in 1919, to the period of appeasement from 1935- 1939, every event led up to this war, but maybe none as influential as Hitler's rise to power. Hitler's rise to power let him take control of German government affairs and military affairs; it also let him manipulate the German population. But when Hitler first won the control of Germany, not everyone was in fear or opposed his order. Many people did not know the evil that he possessed, and some even thought that they could contain him, persuade, and influence him. On January 30, 1933 when he officially became chancellor of Germany, the Third Reich was born, which Hitler claimed 'would last for a thousand years'1.

At that time, Germany was starting to rise from its post war state of dissolute. When he took power, his economic vision's helped aid Germany to continue its growing prosperity. He allowed major industries and larger businesses to dominate as long as they supported him and his views2. The Nazi party was on the rise, and Hitler was a leader who was willing to solve Germany's problems. The German people chose him as a leader because of those ideas, many of them never assumed that he would lead them to another war. As we look back now, we can see that his intentions from the get go were to benefit his country but primarily himself. He was out for domination and control. Why did the people, not only of Germany, but the world never see Hitler's true intentions? The reason; he led them to believe that...