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Hitler's Mistakes

One of the biggest questions of World War 2 had to have been, was the lose of the war a result of one big mistake or many mistakes by the German leader Hitler? I believe that the Germans lost the war because of many mistakes made by Hitler. I would not say that the mistakes of Hitler were the main cause of the German defeat because I think with the added power of the powerful Americans and the side switching of Italy it was inevitable that the Germans would lose World War Two I just think that the mistakes he did make quickened the German lose and leaded to his demise. Hitler who brought Germany back to the top of European powers after the lose of World War One did many great things for Germany but in the end he was too much like all the other great leaders who tried to take over the world.

Hitler like the other great leaders made too many mistakes, which led to his countries downfall and eventual lose of the war. The major mistakes Hitler made in World War Two were he should have attacked the allies trapped at Dunkirk, he shouldn't have attack his ally Russia so soon in the war, and he should have let his generals control his troops. I know that Hitler made many more mistakes throughout the war, one of which was attacking the heart of Britain (London), which led to Berlin getting bombed, but I believe the mistakes I chose were much more critical to the outcome or the war.

The first mistake that the German leader Hitler made was to let the Allies get away at Dunkirk instead of destroying them and giving the Allies a large blow. In 1940, 300,000 thousand French and...