About Hitler and his road to taking power, his life, and his role in the Holocaust.

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The name Adolph Hitler sends a chill down any person's spine, no matter what religion or ethnicity. A household name, Hitler led the genocide, or mass killing of a specific group of people, in a movement known as the Holocaust. How did Hitler gain the support of so many Germans and turn a liberal democratic government into a totalitarian dictatorship? How did Hitler convince people that he was the right man to lead Germany to victory? Germany's chaotic period worked to Hitler's benefit and allowed him to make severe changes, which was virtually most of the reason that Hitler came to power.

Hitler was a power-hungry man whose talent of persuasion worked very well to his advantage in Germany's time of utter disorder. Described as an amazing speaker, Hitler was very gifted at stirring up emotions in others and convincing people to support his cause. He knew how to tell people what they wanted to hear, and this made people think that Hitler could save them from Germany's economic downfall.

At this time in Germany, there was absolute disarray. The economy was dreadful, caused mostly by the Treaty of Versailles which made Germany accept full responsibility for World War I and pay reparations. This caused a serious drainage of Germany's money. There was hyperinflation, which was when the value of German money decreased so greatly that the normal household item was over four million marks to purchase. This unrest was taking place under the control of the Weimar Republic. Eventually, this government tamed inflation. In 1925, Paul von Hindenburg became president. He tried his best to keep Adolph Hitler out of office, being that Von Hindenburg and Hitler were practically enemies. Things were going rather well for the economy, until around 1929 when the Great Depression hit.

As Germany yet...