Hitler Became Chancellor

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Hitler became chancellor for a group of several reasons mainly the weakness of the Weimar government, the depression, nazi tactics and his leadership skills. The Weimar government was still in shock after the Munich putsch. Hitler and the nazi party used there new found fame to there advantage and became extremely well known and popular because of how well Hitler spoke and there tactics of getting to leadership Their tactics changed and instead of using brut force they used legal action to gin votes. To get working class votes they increased anti-Jewish propaganda. They also held speaking classes for its members so that its members could tell other people in order for them to join. To top this all the people already liked extremist groups such as the nazi party The people of Germany were fed up of the Weimar government they felt that during the depression the Way the government handled the situation was awful.

They wanted a new leader and Hitler began his plans. He had great amounts of luck on becoming president.

From the elections of July and November 1932 the Nazis gained the largest amounts of seats president Hindenburg did not like Hitler and refused to make him chancellor. In January 1933 Von Papen eventually persuaded Hindenburg to appoint Hitler as chancellor. There plan was to limit the number of seats took by the nazis they would be able to control him. Hitler began to consolidate his power because Hindenburg could still sack him at any time.

In February 1933 the reichstag burnt down. This was extremely convenient for the Nazis as they had the ability to blame the communists and get them eliminated. Hitler told hindenburg that all other parties were plotting against Germany and got hindenburg to give him the enabling act this gave Hitler superior power