How Hitler came to his control over Germany.

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Hitler, a man who had the power to control the whole of Germany as of the year 1934, came across many problems shortly before 1929 which made his success rate stay down low. Hitler had always wanted to get a chance to become a powerful man within the state, but had never had the chance to accomplish it. By the year 1934, Hitler had been appointed Chancler of Germany and had been granted, not long after, five years of total control to do what ever he wanted within Germany. . A series of events had occurred during the years 1929 and 1933, which helped him achieve his goal. Between the years 1929 and 1933 Germany had been through a second great economic crisis, had concentrated on certain groups within Germany and had changed their propaganda mottos to help the Nazi party come to success to help Hitler become Chancler.

The second economic crisis, also known as The Wall Street Crash, helped Hitler gain more control over the votes he received during the years 1929 and 1933.

The crisis began in October 1929. "This was the collapse of the American stock exchange in Wall Street" (Whittock, P15). Money, which the USA was lending Germany, had to stop coming in and Germany were asked to repay the money back as soon as possible. This was not possible, and many companies went bankrupt, including the prices for food made on farms sunk giving farmers a very low-income rate. Hitler used this to his advantage and stated to everyone that he would help them. Hitler gave jobs to the people who were to join the Nazi party, as he was aware that many people had lost their job and were desperate to get some money. This proved to be successful, as the amount...