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Few Men can be blamed for the death of 6 million Jews out of hatred of a race; only one man can be blamed for causing the Second World War his name is Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler claimed the lives of over 6 million Jews. He was one of the most well-known and ruthless dictators in recent times as well as the leader of possibly the worst genocide in history. Hitler caused many things in his reign. He caused economic sprawl in Germany; He started the Second World War; and among other things he created concentration and death camps for the imprisoned Jews. It is estimated that overall Hitler killed over 11,000,000 total people 6 million of these were Jews. The Other 5 million were people were people who spoke out against Hitler's ways. Others were Germans that tried to help the prisoners escape they were killed too. During Hitler's callous reign it has been estimated that he killed a little over 2/3 of all the Jews in Germany.

The Term Nazi comes from the term "Nationalsozialistishe Deutsche Arbeiterpartei" or in english the "National Socialist German Worker's Party". On April 1st, 1933 Hitler made one of his first acts against the Jews by instituting a boycott against ALL Jewish run businesses. Later, another law was enforced and this was called Nuremberg Laws. This was issued on September 15, 1935 and this enforced that Jews were no longer apart of public life. These laws stripped German Jews of their citizenship and a law that prohibited marriages and unmarried sex between Jews and Germans. During the night of November 9th and 10th 1938, the Nazis incited a program against Jews in Germany and Austria which was identified as "Kristallnacht" which means night of broken glass. This night involved much...