Hitler: The Master of All Evil

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Adolf Hitler was a man with no cares in the world. He would do anything he wanted to; no one would be able to stop him. All he wanted was power, power to control everything. He had the ambition to do anything. He sent people who didn't agree with him and the people he hated most, the Jews, to concentration camps. He killed more than five million people that he thought were dangerous, and six million Jews, which resulted in the Holocaust. (Internet."Adolf Hitler"pg. 1). He fiercely rose to power and began making evil plans. His forceful speeches changed the minds of millions. Hitler used hatred and violence to lead the nation and was considered a God to most Germans.

Adolf Hitler's parents lived in Brauhau-am-Inn, Austria. His father, Alois Hitler, worked as a custom officer on the country's border, and his mother, Klara Hitler, a housewife. Alois and Klara were married on January 7, 1885.

Alois and Klara had two children that died in infancy, Gustav and Ida. Soon after the death of the children, Adolf was born on April 20, 1889. He had affection from his mother, but his father was very abusive towards him and his children. When Alois Jr. became old enough, he left home because he couldn't handle his father any more. The family moved around a lot because of Alois's job. They ended up in Linz, where Alois retired in 1895. During that time Adolf was old enough to go to school. He liked school and was a good student. In earlier years he wanted to be a priest, but his dreams wanted to become an artist. His parents were very worried for Adolf because his grades were slipping. He often accused the teachers of his bad grades, saying that they were mentally disordered.