Hitler's control of the chancellory

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1928 up to 1933 were glorious years for the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi). They were losing votes and money, their leader Hitler was said to be a criminal, but in these years things changed. The Nazi party had the most seats in the Reichstag and Adolf Hitler was given the post of German Chancellor. The question would be "how did all this happen?"

A factor that helped Hitler in his quest for power was the popularity of his party in the 1930s. Being the smallest party in the late 1920s because of Gustav Stresemann's success in avoiding various problems with the republic, Hitler's only opportunity to take power came at the moment of Stresemann's death and the end of the great depression.

Germany's economy was going down again because of various loans which where no longer being given, rise in the amount of unemployment and this reflected on the weakness of the Weimar republic...again.

This was a great factor because Hitler was able to rise and give his negative speeches and making promises to the people and by early 1930; they had 143 seats in the Reichstag which was good enough since it gave them the right to boast of being the second largest party in the Reichstag, then later on (July 1932), they came up with a remarkable number of 230 seats making them the biggest. This showed that the people believed all Hitler was saying and they were more than happy to join him for a better Germany.

Another Factor was Hitler's determination. He was invited by the President, Paul Von Hindenburg, to be made Vice Chancellor but Hitler declined and made his intentions clear of his ambition of becoming Chancellor. Hindenburg, who hated Hitler, swore not to make him Chancellor as long as he lived...