Hitler's use of propoganda.

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'The most important reason why there was little opposition in Germany towards the Nazi regime was its use of propaganda' Explain how far you agree with this statement?

Hitler's use of propaganda was very effective. It was an important factor to why there was little or no position in Nazi Germany from 1933-45; however it wasn't the only reason. Propaganda was a very powerful tool; Hitler used it to indoctrinate the German people with his Nazi ideology. Propaganda was everywhere; in the newspapers, schools, speeches and basically the whole media. If they didn't follow the propaganda they were punished and were brainwashed to believe that Hitler and the Nazis were right.

Using the propaganda to gain supporters and the police to keep things in order Hitler had created what he had hoped for; a country under his complete control. The most important reason why there was little or no opposition in Nazi Germany was the propaganda, this polluted the public's mind into what they thought was acceptable and that Hitler was right.

A revolt would have occurred without the police state though, but it was the propaganda which told the Germans that the police were fair and it permitted the Nazis to carry out their horrific acts. I agree with the statement and I believe that the police also played an important part.