Hitting Pay Dirt

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"Hitting Pay Dirt" Take home test #2 Parenting is a real hard job. I am not a parent myself, but I can imagine the things that parents have to go through. I think a parent's job is to help their child learn, not only by supplying them with material things, but by encouraging them to learn. I guess you could say I think a parent should give their child a desire to learn.

I love kids and I have a niece that is three years old her name is Elyla. Elyla's mom likes to encourage her to learn, she talks to her all the time and she likes to be a big part of Elyla's growing and learning process. Elyla loves for me to read to her. She loves to point at the pictures and say their name, or color. I think that since I am older than her, I need to encourage her to keep on learning.

We go to the park and I point out at things and she repeats their name. I have been doing that to her since she was real little and she has learned so much. A lot of people tell me that she is so smart. She doesn't go to school and she can count up to ten, and she knows all the colors. She is just so smart. She loves to learn, and she is such a curious toddler.

I also have a little cousin his named Jonathan. Jonathan is also three years old, and he doesn't go to school either. Jonathan's mother believes that her son will learn when he is ready to learn. She buys him books and puzzles, and kid learning toys but she doesn't play with him. She says that he should figure things out on his own. If I ask Jonathan to tell me a color nine times out of 10 he will get it wrong. I try to take him to the park and do the same things I do with Elyla, but he just stands there and stares at me and says, "HUGH." I don't think his mom is a bad mom I just think she should be more involved with her son and she should encourage him to learn.

Parents should not only tell their children what is right and what is wrong, but they should help them get creative. Children only learn what they want to learn and if we don't help them get the desire to learn about something, they won't learn it. We need to encourage our kids to learn about anything so that they will have curiosity.

I am really against parents that think kids should just learn things on their own. They are our kids and we need to help out, because we are going to be there all their life. It will be up to us to help them decide on a goal and achieve it.

I will try to do this with my kids I just think it is such an important part of learning to have your parents get involved with you learning. My mom is always trying to get involved and sometimes I hate it, but I guess she is just watching out for me. I am lucky to have the mom that I have; she has taught me a lot of things.