Hitting a Softball

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28 October 2014

Hitting a Softball

There are many skills one should require when playing the sport of softball. Aside from knowing the basic rules of softball, a player should be able to throw, catch, hit, and run the bases. There are 3 things one should learn before trying to hit a ball.

First, get into the ready position. Feet should be shoulder width apart, with a slight bend at the knees. Weight should be distributed evenly across the balls of the hitter's feet. This relaxed position is important, as tensed up muscles will reduce the power of the swing. The batter should have their head turned and eyes focused on the pitcher, and then the ball once it's released from the pitcher's hand. Losing eye contact with the ball will make it nearly impossible to hit. The hitter should stand far away enough from home plate that they can still reach the other side with the end of their bat.

They should stay in the middle of the batter's box so they can hit pitches all over the strike zone.

Next is preparing the swing. The hitter's "knocking knuckles," or the knuckles where the fingers bend, should line up when they pick up the bat. This adds power to the swing because it aids in the snap-through. The snap-through is important for a strong and complete swing. Another important component to preparing the swing is the position of the bat. The bat should be straight up and down behind their head, so that they can touch their ear when they stick their thumb out. The back elbow should be tucked in, not sticking out. With a high back elbow, the elbow has to travel a greater distance and at a...