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HIV and Aids Epidemic in Africa

Patrice Foster

Prairie View A&M University

ENGL 1133

Dr. Sarah Wakefield

August 02, 2013


HIV and AIDS in Africa is the single greatest threat to living healthy in Africa. It has taken the lives of over 24 million Africans, it also has left over 43.3 million infected. The virus alone is the single greatest cause of death in Africa, (Avert, 2013). The virus has made some significant impacts in Africa's economy, society, and education greatly. The citizens are poor and rarely treated, from this they usually die because of the unaffordable prices of the necessary drugs needed to keep them alive. The epidemic is so severe that if it does not decline, it could be the devastating end of what we know Africa to be. We as Americans worry about the effects of the virus on us, but in Africa it has a devastating toll on all aspects of their lives.

In the continent of Africa the HIV and AIDS virus has made a hurtful impact on the health, education, industry, agriculture, transportation, human resources and the economy as a whole , (Avert, 2013).The question is how it began and how can we stop it from spreading to our country in mass infestations?

The HIV virus is believed to be started by a group of chimpanzees in South East Cameroon that had a similar disease called SIV, (Avert, 2013). This disease is believed to be the ancestor of HIV-1 which causes AIDS in humans. The study was conducted in other continents and they did not find any trace of the SIV virus, which is were the HIV-1 originated, (Avert, 2013). So from this conclusion, it is believed that...