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By Callum Powell 8MS3



Samba is a style of music that is used in Brazil it is used in festivals such as THE RIO CARNIVAL. Samba is a very passionate dance.

It is a very hard dance to learn because of all the dance moves. Above you will see these dance moves, as you can see they are very complex and tricky to learn how to do. With this dance we need music and that's where the instruments come in, there are many different instrument such as Agogo Bell, Caixa, Campana and taborim. Samba music is reflecting on the Brazilian people, vibrant, bright and fun. Samba is very loud and is instructed by a samba whistle which goes with the tune. It is normally played in the street, there is normally loads of people in the street

Five Facts About Samba Drumming

Bands traditionally play Samba, which is carnival rhythms, in Brazil.

In other countries, genres of music such as: reggae, funk, hip hop and Brazilian folk music are played.

The music is very loud, which is similar to other drumming bands, so it attracts listeners.

Most samba drums are made of very light material so that it can be carried as the samba parade through the streets for hours on end.

Where Did Samba Originate?

Samba music originated in Rio de janeiro in Brazil. Samba is influenced by the Afro-Brazillian heritage.