The Hllenic Aerospace Industry.

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The HELLENIC AEROSPACE INDUSTRY (HAI) located 60kms north of Athens in an area easily accessible by land, sea and air, ranks among Europe's leading aviation support companies with a diversified scope of activities.

It's a state owned firm established in 1975 with a vision of being the premier company in providing aviation support related services and products to the Hellenic Armed Forces as well as other customers of the domestic and world marketplaces. Through consistent efforts towards developing the necessary capabilities and establishing high performance standards, HAI is now one of the growing leaders in providing efficient and high quality services and products within the scope of its operations that involve:

*Aircraft, Engine, accessories and avionics maintenance (overhaul, modification, upgrade, repair and logistic support).

*Development, design, manufacturing and after sales support of electronic, optoelectronic, telecommunication and information products as well as design and manufacturing of weapon systems.

*Development, design and manufacturing of aero structures.

*Technical training in company-related disciplines.

*Calibration and certification (calibration of instruments and certification of the electromagnetic compatibility of products).

The international recognition and confidence that the company's principal activities have gained is testified by its long track record of business co-operations and many satisfied customers among which are air forces, representatives of four continents and some of the world's major manufacturers in the aerospace field. HAI has signed co-production

agreements with major aircraft manufacturers of the military and civil sectors such as Aerospatiale, British Aerospace, Boeing, Dassault Aviation and others.

Undoubtedly the most important factor that has helped HAI gain such international respect is the company's main asset, the workforce. Highly skilled and efficient, HAI's workforce ranks among the world's best-qualified personnel in all areas of the company's activities. This crucial factor together with modern facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, effective production methods and a strict quality-control system...