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Change within organisations

For businesses, change is inevitable. This is because they are continually faced with numerous forces which call for change. However, when managers implement change within a business, people respond differently. These responses vary from accepting to resisting. So, in order to implement change more easily, management have many strategies (approaches). Unfortunately these strategies have their disadvantages as well as advantages.

In today's world such change is becoming more rapid as fluctuations in the general economy and advances in technology are made. These sorts of changes undoubtedly affect organisations, in that, they have to change in order to survive. The main two factors which will cause change can be split into two broad categories external and internal forces.

Examples of external forces include markets, competitors, the government laws and regulations, pressure groups and technology. When markets change companies are forced to assess their current product range and price in order to stay competitive.

Competitor change can also force companies to examine their current practice, so if competitors can afford to sell their products at a lower price the company should really review their own strategy. External factors are those which have an impact on the company yet the company have no control over.

Within Walt Disney there is a constant fight against competitors for more customers. The main example is the brand new Universal theme park opened in the same area as Walt Disney's World Resort in Florida. In order to survive, it raises questions such as how to make the rides more exciting and maintain existing customers as well as attracting new ones. The prices may also have to be reviewed.

Internal forces are those which bring about change to an organisation from within. Such forces could take the form of demands from the organisations workforce. A...