How was Ho Chi Mihn's leadership essential to the Viet Minh in the defeat of the French in 1954?

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The Viet Minh leadership was essential in the inevitable defeat of the French in 1954. Under Ho Chi Minh and Nguyen Giap the Viet Minh proved a decisive victory against the French and together they exploited the weakness of the French, in particular the French underestimation towards the Viet Minh. Ho Chi Minh was a politically educated walker amongst the people complementing Giap who was a brilliant military tactician. In addition the French also contributed to their own downfall by their arrogance, basic errors and by seriously underestimating the Viet Minh.

Ho Chi Minh (He Who Enlightens) was the foundation for the Viet Minh's success. Ho Chi Minh seen as a nationalist by many, used communism as a way to seek Vietnams independence. Ho Chi Minh's principle motive was the same of his father; independence and unity, and through this he gained the loyalty and respect from the people which his leadership demanded.

Ho was an estitute political manipulator who drove for success for his people and promised them land which gained the peasants support, which also increased Ho's leadership skills.. Ho's leadership was shown in his organization of the Viet - .Minh. He's careful planning to drive the French out and always putting Vietnam in a better situation for independence. To his people, Ho Chi Minh was named 'Uncle Ho' as a sign of trust and respect. Seen as a nationalist by many, Ho used communism as a way to achieve Vietnams independence and was the basis for exploiting the French throughout 1946- 1954 bringing them back into the country only so it would be easier to defeat them. All this brought confidence to the people and they in fated their support with Ho Chi Minh.

Vo Nguyen Giap was a huge asset to...