The Hobbit

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Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who from his little home came across an old friend and began an exciting adventure. Hobbits were small creatures with no beards and are thought to be fat in the stomach. They dress in bright colors, mostly green and yellow, and they don't have much magic about them. They don't wear shoes, because their feet naturally grow leather soles. They have thick brown curly hair with long brown fingers, good-natured faces, and hearty laughs. Now Bilbo came from a very rich and respectable family. The Took side of him was the rich and not too respectable adventure wanting side. The Baggins side was respectable. Although Bilbo acted like his respectable father something about him was different on the Took side.

Now Gandalf was a different character. Adventure came with Gandalf everywhere he went. He was good friends with the old Tock. He visited Bilbo with a tall pointed blue hat, a gray cloak, a silver scarf in which his white long beard hung over down below his waist with large black boots.

Thorin was Bilbo's companion or his boss if that's what you would call him. Thorin was very haughty and was a very important dwarf. He had his own company of thirteen dwarves. He was stubborn but was very good when he was in charge when he needed to be.

The story starts out with Gandalf telling Bilbo he will be going on an adventure. Bilbo is introduced to Thorin and Co. They explain to Bilbo what's going to happen on their journey. They start out their journey, telling Bilbo he's their burglar who's going to steal their treasure back from the dragon. Their journey to the caves of the great dragon Smaug is long and hard. First they come across trolls in which Gandalf comes in the nick of time to save them. Then as they are going over the mountains, the goblins capture them, and Gandalf once again had to help them out. While running through the caves to get out Bilbo gets dropped and as he tries to find a way out he meets the great Gollum. Bilbo had to outsmart the Gollum in riddles before escaping by putting on the magic ring (the Gollum's birthday present), which makes him invisible and escaped outside and caught up with his friends. While still running from the goblins outside their caves, they see the Wargs the goblin's friends and quickly climb trees. Wargs are large wolves that help the goblins in rages. Fire caught on the trees so the great eagles helped them to safety. Once at safety they sent to Gandalf's friend, Beorn, who is a man that can turn into a bear. At Beorn's house they got ponies, food, rest and shelter. Then Gandalf left them at the edge of the Mirkwood forest telling them NOT to leave the trail. While in the forest they did go off the trail following elves. Before they were caught by the elves, humungous spiders caught them. Bilbo was the only one free with his little dagger and cut the others free, while killing some spiders. Because they followed elves they were put in prison because they were thought to be harassing the elves. Bilbo got them out and they went to the Lake Men town. From there they went up to the cave where Smaug lives. Bilbo stole a treasure from Smaug using his magic ring. When Smaug left to eat the rest of the ponies the Lake Men killed him. Then the Lake Men wanted some of the treasure because some was rightfully was theirs. Thorin, being stubborn said no and put up a wall and was willing to fight. Bilbo gave the Lake Men the Arkenstone, the one treasure Thorin would sell all the gold for. But he was too stubborn, and the goblins and the Wargs were coming for war. So, the Lake Men and the dwarves and even the elves joined together and fought a marvelous battle, the battle of the five armies. Even the eagles came to help and Beorn. When Bilbo woke from getting knocked on the head, Thorin, Fili, and Kili were dead. Thorin was buried with the Arkenstone, and Bilbo went home with the ring, a chest of silver and a chest of gold. The Lake Men did get gold, and the dwarves got the cave to themselves.

The theme of the book is just a fun story that people can enjoy with their imagination. The topic is mainly the genre, which is fantasy.